Tony Labrusca on working with Kathryn Bernardo: “She really helps me out”

Image via Tony Labrusca's Instagram

Pinoy Boyband superstar may not have worked out for Tony Labrusca but now it looks like things are falling into place as he joined the cast of La Luna Sangre; a teleserye led by two of the most sought after artists in Philippine showbiz industry, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

The 22-year-old newbie actor is now popularly known as the third party for the love team of Kathniel which inevitably lead to a few of the couple’s fans to bash him but the duo defended him against the hate. Tony is particularly thankful about it.

“I really appreciate that and I’m proud of them for standing up especially since they’re the official anti-cyber bullying advocates here in the Philippines and I’m happy that they did that,” he said.

He plays the role of Jake, a friend of Malia, Kath’s character in La Luna Sangre; so most of his scenes are with the young actress.

In an interview with Pep during the launch of Tony’s debut single Tanging Ikaw last August 22, he revealed how grateful he is to have Kath help him out and make the job easier for him. She tries to explain everything to him, the terms that their directors use that as a newbie, he might not understand yet and all the technicalities in shooting.

Kath also helps him out with the scene acting and every time he asks for advice, she’s very willing to give it despite how hard her role is, so to make up for it, Tony tries hard to give his best in every time they act together.

“She helps me out with the scenes, as well and I always ask Kath for advice kasi I know since I’m the new one, parang laging ako na lang ang lagi nilang kailangang tulungan. Gusto ko rin na tinatanong ko rin si Kath na, ‘Nararamdaman mo rin ba ang emosyon pag umaarte ako? Nakakatulong din ba sa ‘yo sa eksena?’ I also want to help her out. I don’t wanna give her a harder time than she already is, kasi sobrang hirap ng role niya sa La Luna.”

He shared his excitement over being able to finally work on his music career too with debut single Tanging Ikaw which he wrote himself and despite the acting stint he still wants to stick to the things he’s passionate about which is making music.

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