[VIDEO] Armpit love: Most viewed and most liked Pinay celebrity armpits

Image via Instagram, Twitter

How about some armpit love?

It has been a battling dilemma for some women to maintain a flawless underarm because of so many factors causing it to sweat, darken, and develop rashes. The result makes it hard for girls to do more activities that involve raising hands or even wearing sleeveless clothing. Thus, the poor armpit plight busts self-confidence.

Immediate solutions are there; however, it costs money to do so — unless you are a celebrity who gets countless sponsors for derma care.

To promote armpit love, an Instagram account “Piter Pitshots” posts photos of celebrities with their underarms exposed.

With over 50,000 followers on the page, it is therefore safe to assume that netizens love to check on the celebrities’ ‘kili-kili’ or underarms.

Pep, the news site for Philippines entertainment and show business, asked the owner of the Piter Pitshot’s account for the most viewed and most liked celebrity armpits.

Here’s the list:

Sofia Andres – 41, 301

Bianca Umali – 36,977

Beauty Gonzales – 26, 179

Nadine Lustre – 23, 516

Kris Bernal – 17, 143

Chariz Solomon – 1,841

Nadine Lustre – 1,344

Kim Domingo – 1, 005

Nadine Lustre – 924

Loisa Andalio – 917

As of posting, the IG account already has 6, 133 celebrity armpit photo posts.

Watch the video below: