[Video] Beautiful woman goes viral for her unique performance while making strange noises

Image capture from LADbible's video via Facebook

A beautiful woman has gone viral for her unique performance while making strange noises which create an extraordinary kind of music.

On Facebook, the LADbible posted a video of the beautiful woman’s performance which has gained more than two million views, as of posting.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” the LADbible posted; tagging the page UUTAi Olena Podluzhnaya.

A lot of amazed and impressed Facebook users commented on the video.

“Even tho odd, quite mezmorizing and she has obviously put many hours of practice and effort. It’s very naturistic and native. She is beautiful and I applaud her individuality! Cool!” commented LB.

“Unusual but talented!” wrote DS.

“This is amazing, her range of rhythmic sounds is awesome,” said KJ.

The lovely lady call what she presented a “jaw harp performance”.

“If I want to relax my body and mind, if I want to clear my thoughts and soul from fears and worries, when I want to calm down and feel the harmony and pleasure, when I need safety and warmth – I play my jaw harp, I listen to the Khomus,” she expressed.

Watch the viral video:

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I have no idea what's going on ??UUTAi Olena Podluzhnaya

Posted by LADbible on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Want to know how she does such amazing performance? Watch this tutorial video: