Watch: Regine Velasquez’s ‘Songbird voice’ for Waze

Image via Instagram

What if one of the most famous singers in Asia will use her talent for the navigation application Waze?

Well-known singer Regine Velasquez just tried it with her “Songbird voice”.

In one of the most recent episodes of Sarap Diva, Velasquez and her guests Super Tekla, Kim Idol, and Jerald Napoles talked about some of the videos that has been circulating online. One of their topics is the about the funny videos of social media users pretending to be the voice behind the app.

Because her guests tried to have their own version of the Waze’s voice, the Asia’s Songbird also used her golden voice in giving directions.

Watch Regine Velasquez as she uses her “Songbird voice” in giving directions at 4:40:

She is truly the Asia’s Songbird!

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