Watch! Very rare white-skinned moose caught on tape becomes viral sensation

Image capture of video by P4 Värmland Sveriges Radio and Pinterest

Expecto Patronum! Harry Potter fans know the true significance of this spotting — Patronuses are real!

After three years of searching, a Swedish councillor has finally experienced such majesty first hand and he shot just enough footage to share the magic with the rest of us.

A video of a rare white-skinned moose crossing a river in Sweden went viral around the world last weekend.

According to the British network Independent, there are only about a hundred moose of this type in Sweden. Their particular coat is the result of a genetic mutation.

According to Hans Nilsson, who filmed the animal, locals estimate its age to about eight years. Less than 5% of male individuals are estimated to reach that age – and having white fur certainly doesn’t make it easier to avoid hunters.

“This white elk bull is local to the area. I saw it the evening before too, that was the first time. On Friday evening when I shot the video everything fell into place, the location, the light and the calmness,” Nilsson told The Local.

PA Varmland Sveriges Radio shared this copy with video credit to Hans Nilsson via Storyful: