3-year-old chess wiz from Rizal can face 10 opponents at the same time

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube

While most of us will find it hard to face two opponents at any given sport at the same time, this 3-year-old kid from Rizal can handle ten opponents at the same time!

Magnus Carlsen Roma, who was named after a Norwegian chess grandmaster “Magnus Carlsen,” can play chess like a pro, according to Chino Trinidad in his report on GMA News on Friday.

The report said that Magnus learned to play the game even before he could read or write.

In the video shared by GMA News via YouTube, Magnus could be seen playing simultaneous chess with people five times his age as he face off with students from San Jose National High School in Rizal.

When the 3-year-old was asked why he likes to play chess, here is his very cute reply: “Kasi para…para matalo ko yung mga [k-]alaban.” [So that… I can defeat the enemies.]

However, Magnus needed time-outs for snacks, just like any other kid.

Magnus’ parents are both chess players and saw the boy’s potential at a young age. Magnus’ father Alvin Roma said that he noticed that his son’s palm has the same lines as them who are chess players. Magnus’ mother Jollibee Roma agreed.

Trinidad himself tested Magnus’ skills and discovered the young chess wiz has already memorized not just the game’s moves, but also the countermoves.

Check out Magnus Carlsen Roma in this video shared by GMA News via YouTube: