Better late than never: Library book returned 78 years later!

Image via Attleboro Public Library's Facebook page

We all probably had that moment when we borrowed a book from the library and we forgot to return it a couple of days later or maybe a week, but the head of the Attleboro Library, Massachusetts, had a strange surprise when a man brought a book, 78 years late after borrowing it.

On the loan sheet, a stamp confirms that the deadline to return the book was supposedly last November 21, 1938 — 78 years ago!

Attleboro Public Library posted pictures of a copy of “The Young Lady at Home,” by T.S. Arthuon on its Facebook page with the caption “Earlier this week a book was returned to us… that was due in 1938! #TBT”

The library page admin said: “The book was returned to us by someone who found it in a friend’s basement. We hope that some reader enjoyed it while it was out!”

Earlier this week a book was returned to us… that was due in 1938! #TBT

Posted by Attleboro Public Library on Thursday, September 21, 2017

“From 1938 we have no records of whose book it was, you know we were not searching this person out,” librarian Amy Rhilinger told CBS Boston.

“I’ve been here 15 years – we’ve never had anything returned the length of time that this item was,” Rhilinger said. “We were hysterical. I mean, really? 1938?”

As for the books condition? “Disrepair is an understatement,” Rhilinger laughed.

The fine, which would have been almost $ 2,800, was of course canceled.