“Bundol-bundol” modus strikes again; this time with rice as props

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via Youtube, Melwin Enriquez' Facebook post

Just last week, we featured a story about a “bundol-bundol modus” fail, wherein a man suddenly launched himself on a road and acted as if he was hit by an incoming car.

Well, this kind of “modus” seems to be trendy nowadays, as another similar incident has been shared by a victim, Dr. Melgar Matulac, via ABS CBN.

The modus is frequenting EDSA-Pasay, in front of a hotel, wherein aside from Dr. Matulac, another motorist has reportedly been victimized on the same spot.

Based on Melgar’s dashcam, the incident happened on September 14, around 3:14PM.

The modus:

During heavy traffic, when vehicles stop, the suspect walks around with a pack of rice. When he has eyed a possible victim, he purposedly throws not only himself towards a vehicle, but also his pack of rice. He would then make a scene, acting as if badly hurt, then will ask for money.

Watch the video shared by ABS CBN on YouTube for more details:

Watch this video we shared last week, a “failed” bundol modus. Be wary on the road!

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Posted by Melwin Enriquez on Wednesday, September 13, 2017