Businessmani: He’s dressed to kill, complete with pomade, sunglasses and attache case

Image by Arjay Alpuerto's Facebook post, Imgrum

Self-employed. Such a strong and honorable two-word phrase that defines a man.

What are the benefits of being self-employed? Probably one of the best is being your own boss. You get to work when, where, and how you want; plus you can be who you want to be. Moreover, you can choose your own dress code. Why not? You are your own boss.

Perhaps just like this mystery man in the viral photos shared by a netizen named Arjay Alpuerto who posted 2 photos of a decent-looking businessman on Facebook.

His post on 10:39AM of September 2, 2017 went viral and has reached 26,000 likes/reactions and more than 15,000 shares as of this posting.

The 1st photo shows a man who’s dressed to kill, complete with pomade, sunglasses, and an attache case.

But when you look at the second photo, the contents are not what you’d expect. It’s not 20 million cash nor a file of important documents, or illegal drugs as in pinoy action movies with an attache case scene “dala mo ba ang epektos”.

Turns out the well-dressed handsome man is indeed a businessman —  a mani [peanuts] businessman at that!

Netizens are astonished and tickled; basing from the LOL comments. Because who wouldn’t be? It’s actually quite hilarious, interesting and adorable at the same time. Something not to be ridiculed — because selling mani is not a shameful matter. Of course, any undertaking that brings in legal money and which does not inflict harm or offend anyone is something to be proud of. A decent job, so to speak. But this man’s style is truly something that catches the eye and prods people to buy!

As some commenters said, in essence: “kanya-kanyang diskarte lang ‘yan!” [To each his own style]

If anyone of you happen to know the real name of the ‘businessmani’ please feel free to let us know at the comments section.

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