Call center agent shares scar and traumatic experience of being held up by robbers at 3:00 AM

Images by Kat Francisco via Facebook account

A call center agent shared her scar and the traumatic experience she had when she was held up by two robbers.

A post by Kat Francisco has gone viral after she posted a photo of her scar and and the traumatic experience she had being robbed. The post was written in Visayan as Kat shared that she was held up along Central Park Subdivision in Davao City at 3:00 early in the morning. She addresses her robbers, “Wa mo kabalo unsa ko na trauma karun. Magbalik balik gihapon sakong utok what you’ve done to me.” [You have no idea about the trauma I’m going through. What you’ve done to me keeps on repeating in my mind.]

She also shared the traumatic experience of being held up with a knife next to her chest. “Pero salamat, wa jud ko ninyo gi-dunggab bisag feel na kaayo nako ang ka-hait sa kutsilyo sakong dughan. Ug sakit akong tiyan sa pagsumbag ninyo. Gihatag na nako ang kwarta gipasakitan pako ninyo.” [But thank you for not stabbing me eventhough I can clearly feel the sharp knife against my chest. You also punched me in the stomach. I have given you my money but you still hurt me.]

The robbers were able to get her cellphone and money but she’s thankful that she’s still alive. She also hopes that she will be the robbers’ last victim and cursed them for robbing people’s hard-earned money.

She also gave a stern warning to people of Davao City to be careful and alert at all times.  She said that Davaoeños shouldn’t remain complacent just because they live in Davao City.

The post now has 10,000 reactions as well as 5,500 shares on Facebook.

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