Caught on CCTV: Jollibee not spared from ‘Palit-Pera Budol-Budol’ modus

Image capture of video by Eden Torzar via All About Philippines Facebook Post

We’ve heard of ‘palit-pera’ modus wherein perpetrators make use of their fast hands to cheat on unknowing victims. Many incidents of such schemes have been reported by small-scale entrepreneurs, canteens, and mini-groceries. This time, however, even a popular food chain – with CCTVs – have not been spared.

The guy on a CCTV footage shared by netizen Eden Torza via Facebook page ‘All about the Philippines’  can be seen as he targeted a known fast-food chain, Jollibee, and seem to have gotten away with his evil plan. The incident was recorded on CCTV and the authorities, for sure, are on the hunt for him.

The modus:

The unidentified man bought some spaghetti worth 50 pesos with his 1000-peso bill. When the cashier took his money, he said that he has an exact amount of 50. Of course, the cashier returned his 1000 bill. But apparently, the man has a 100-peso bill ready in his body bag, and when the unwary cashier was not paying much attention, he immediately swapped the returned 1000 bill with his 100 bill.

The man then asked the cashier:  “This is a 100, where’s my 1000?”

Well, the cashier gave him another 1,000 bill, his spaghetti, and the crook immediately walked away from the scene.

That was quick, right?

The poor cashier, who works hard for a living, has to shoulder the short cash.

Here’s hoping that man gets caught as he may have victimized others as well. Take a closer look.

The suspect

Watch this video shared by Eden Torzar and posted by “All about Philippines” via their Facebook page: