Complete with props: Woman posts harrowing incident with ‘bloody’ auto accident scammer

Image from Kristine Claire Dela Cruz's Facebook account
  • Woman shared encounter with con artist in the middle of a highway
  • She said he smeared “red stuff” on her car and himself, tried to pass off as car accident victim
  • She also said no one, thankfully, believed his ploy though

MANILA, Philippines – Con artists are getting pretty creative these days, just ask Kristine Claire dela Cruz.

In her Facebook account, the motorist shared her harrowing encounter with a man who pretended to be hit by her vehicle in a busy highway last weekend.

To complete his victim-esque look, the con artist even brought red coloring or paint to use as fake blood, Dela Cruz said.

“A few hours ago, driving along mcarthur highway inner lane, toward monumento… I stopped to let a man cross the street. When he was directly in front of our car, he dropped some reddish thing (piece of cardboard?) onto the road, walked toward us and gave the car hood several “hugs”, taking great care in smearing red stuff all over. (During this time, I noticed he had also pre-smeared his temples with the same stuff),” she recounted.

The lady driver said the man then began shouting to other bystanders for help. Unfortunately for him, they did not buy his story.

“Satisfied with his painting, he then tried calling the attention of other people to his “injured” self, and imploring that i must not “escape”. By God’s grace and mercy, the people around could easily confirm that i was at a full stop and at a really safe stopping distance (i could still see the man’s feet when he was “crossing” the street. The thing he dropped on the road was proof for me.),” Dela Cruz said, adding that she was eventually able to continue her journey after a concerned citizen and a barangay official escorted the “victim” off the street.

Aside from being thankful that no one was hurt, Dela Cruz said she was fortunate the red stuff was removable.

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