Dog high on illegal drugs mauls own master to death

Image via Pixabay [For illustrative purposes only]

Dog high on drugs??

People are unpredictable when under the influence of illegal drugs. In this case, a dog who appeared to be positive with cocaine and morphine, mauled his own master which led to his death. Truly unpredictable. The dog has to be put down by the Police.

The subject dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, mauled his owner to death in London last March. Months later, test results indicate that the dog was under the influence of high levels of cocaine and morphine in his system.

According to The Guardian, Mario Perivoitos, the victim, died after his larynx was crushed by his crazed dog, named Major.

The unexpected attack was even witnessed by British Broadcasting Company (BBC ) journalists, who were supposed to film Perivoitos for a programme about drugs.

Veterinary toxicologist Nicholas Carmichael tested a urine sample from the dog and said that Major carried high levels of cocaine and morphine in his body.

He said that the drugs most likely made the dog very excited and agitated, which might have caused the attack. Also, witnesses claimed that Perivoitos began having a seizure at the time, which might have triggered the dog.

A pathologist confirmed that Perivoitos died from “injuries to the neck and face, with extensive hemorrhaging and larynx was crushed.” He also bled so much that the hospital gave him 10 pints of blood while trying to revive him.

Due to the incident, Police said that Major is to be put down.