Drivers fed up with traffic play football and frisbee to kill time

Images by Richard Lewis, Stuart Paterson, Liz Searle/KeechHospice via Twitter accounts

Drivers on the M1 had enough of the traffic, so, they thought of doing something ‘worthwhile.’

Really? Yes, the drivers got out of their cars to play football and frisbee!

There was even one bored motorist who drove down the wrong side of the motorway to pass time as traffic was jammed for around, well, 9 hours.

The reason for the traffic was that the Police have reportedly investigated a ‘suspicious object’ on the northbound carriageway between junctions 14 for Milton Keynes and 15 for Northampton, according to Metro.

However, TV footage broadcasted by the BBC, as disclosed in a Daily Mail story, showed a bomb disposal robot dragging a black garbage bag off the hard shoulder, which seemed to have contained some liquid and yellow substance.

A Conservative Councilor from Coventry named Tim Mayer, who had also been caught up in the traffic, said communication from authorities was ‘appalling’ but people have been trying to make the most of their ‘free time’.

There’s a five-a-side football competition, a bit of rugby, a guy cycling up and down in the wrong direction,” he said.

Cheryl Thomas shared this on Twitter!

Thousands of displeased motorists were caught in the middle of the traffic jam from around 8am to 5pm.

“There are a few people with coffee in the car who have shared it around and others with some boiled sweets who have been generous. The communication [from police] has been appalling,” added Mr. Mayer.

“There’s been absolutely no communication bar what you can pick up from the local press and Twitter.”

The motorway was cleared and was reopened at 5pm after Thames Valley Police found the object contains ‘a highly corrosive material.’

Joint Roads Policing Unit for Thames Valley and Hampshire Chief Inspector Mark Lewis released an official statement giving valid information about the incident and said: “There is no evidence to suggest that this is a terrorist-related incident. The object does not contain an improvised explosive device and therefore has been no controlled explosion.”

“However, the object contains a highly corrosive material which has leaked across lanes one and two, therefore the clear up process will take a significant amount of time. Chemical analysis is ongoing to ascertain what the substance within the object is.”

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