Duterte meets parents of slain teen’s parents, promises to go after involved cops

Image by Presidential Communications via Facebook page
  • President met with parents of Carl Arnaiz, vowed justice for his death
  • He reiterated there’s no standing order for cops to commit EJKs
  • He also admitted mistakes, but said war on drugs to continue to protect the next generation

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte met with the parents of Carl Arnaiz as he vowed to go after the cops tagged in the 19-year-old’s killing.

“You do not kill defenseless persons. I’m sorry but I will pursue the case against the police and, if need be, they should go to jail,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

“Of course, we do not like it. And if you are into it, I’ll see to it you’ll go to jail. I might even be the one to shoot you,” he added. “I’ve said that we will protect soldiers and the policemen, no doubt. But always, there has to be the element of the performance of duty.”

The president again stressed that there was no state policy or standing order for police to conduct extrajudicial killings; saying he himself would never allow it.

“I did not order you to kill children or the elderly, or even the enemy on bended knees. That is not the norm or the rule of a democracy,” he said. “You saw a lot of it during the Serbian war. They massacred almost all the people there. I would never, never, never condone or allow it.”

Duterte also admitted that while is war on drugs may have committed lapses, he said it should be continued in order to prevent the next generation from being affected.

“I have mistakes. Faults? Many,” he said. “But this will stay. If I do not control drugs, I will, you know, put the next generation in jeopardy.”