From arrest operation to rescue mission? Drug suspect swims out to sea to evade police – and then a shark

Images by Surf City Police

A suspicious man from North Carolina jumped into shark infested waters as he tried to evade police arrest.

In a Mirror story, the suspect was identified as Zachary Kingsbury, 20, from Lynnwood, Washington. He swam for three hours before Surf City Police and coast guard could find and arrest him.

Surf City police said in a news release that they stopped a man driving a vehicle whom they suspect was carrying a contraband on the passenger side.

Kingsbury, who was the driver, was then asked to step out of his vehicle. Once out, he instantaneously fled the scene on foot directly heading towardsthe beach and proceeded into the ocean.

Authorities deployed a drone to follow the fleeing suspect in the ocean. The drone recorded a shark trailing just a few meters to the side.

“After 60 minutes of flight time, Kingsbury was over 4,000 feet offshore and visual contact was lost. At that point, the operation became a rescue operation,” said Surf City Police in a statement.

See drone footage here:

As per The Charlotte Observer article, social media reactions to the daring escape attempt were both a mixture of amazement and amusement.

I would’ve drowned after 10 minutes … dude’s an animal

“A Darwin award Winner without a doubt”

After sea and air search operations were conducted simultaneously by multiple agencies, which lasted for almost three hours, Zachary Kingsbury was nabbed at the Wicker Avenue beach access in North Topsail Beach.

Kingsbury is now detained in the Pender County jail. He is now facing the charges of resisting arrest, obstructing an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine and up to half an ounce of marijuana.