Gadon urges CJ Sereno: Avoid the humiliation, resign now

Image from Atty Larry Gadon's Facebook account
  • Lawyer urged Supreme Court chief justice to save herself from humiliation by resigning now
  • He also touted strong evidence, numbers in Congress to bring her down
  • Sereno camp nixed the call for resignation, said chief justice willing to undergo lifestyle check

MANILA, Philippines – The lawyer leading the impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno has urged her to resign rather than undergo the humiliation and inconvenience of a public trial.

According to Atty. Lorenzo Gadon, Sereno should step down now if she wants to spare herself the hassle of being grilled by lawmakers with allegations he touted is backed by strong evidence.

“If I were Chief Justice Sereno, I will just resign to avoid the humiliation and all the inconvenience of this impeachment trial. I have very strong grounds and documents to prove my allegations. She better think it over. You cannot stop the members of Congress from asking questions, questions that may even be off-tangent just to attack her. They will really tear you apart,” he told ABS-CBN.

Gadon also claimed he has the support of enough senators along with the promise of non-interference from the executive to warrant a successful impeachment case against Sereno.

“There are only 5 or 6 yellow senators there. So you can guess. Take a guess. Not only that, when some people are trying to file a case against Vice President Leni Robredo, President Duterte himself told congressmen: ‘Stop it.’ In my case, Malacanang has said they will not meddle in this issue,” he said.

However, Sereno’s spokesman Atty. Carlo Cruz said resignation was the furthest thing from the chief justice’s mind.

“It’s not being considered by the Chief Justice even as an option at this point,” he said.

Cruz added that aside from facing the charges head-on, Sereno was also willing to undergo a lifestyle check to prove she did not acquire unexplained wealth or misused judiciary funds.