Gagamboxing? “Boksing sa Kawayan” draws crowds at the Pinyahan Festival

Image by Batang Polomolok via Facebook page, Kguirnela CC BY-SA 4.0

Boxing has been a well-loved sport by Filipinos since time immemorial — to the times of ‘Flash’ Elorde until the glorious days of Manny Pacquiao.

Hence, it is no longer surprising that the ingenious Pinoys are able to come up with entertaining and challenging variations of boxing — and the latest on the list: Boksing sa Kawayan [Bamboo] which was probably inspired by spiders made to fight on a stick; a typical game of kids in the 90’s.


Image by Kguirnela  CC BY-SA 4.0


Boxing sa Kawayan

The one-of-a-kind boxing event is just one of the activities during Barangay Cannery Site, Polomolok, South Cotabato’s “Pinyahan Festival”, which is anticipated and celebrated by townsfolk as early as the last days of August up to the first week of September, yearly.

In a video shared by Facebook Page “Batang Polomolok”, two boxers, presumably amateurs, wearing headgear, gloves, and very basic ‘wear whatever you find comfortable’ sit face to face on top of a horizontal bamboo pole; trying to balance as much as they can.

When the ‘referee’ signaled the fight to commence, the two started throwing punches, but of course, minus the footwork, which is very crucial in boxing.

Spectators and netizens soon realize that balancing on the bamboo as you try to bring down your opponent seems to be the greater challenge. One can’t help but be entertained by how the fighters try their best to remain on the pole while striving to throw punches. It’s a matter of balance and skills.

The crowd starts cheering wildly; tourists, townsfolk, old and young, laughing, enjoying the scenery altogether during the fiesta.

Aside from the Boksing sa Kawayan, the Lumba Kalabaw, a carabao race reverse mode featured earlier in an article in this link, street dancing with colorful costumes, pageants representing the most beautiful, and other attractions were also held during the Pinyahan Festival.

Watch the Boxing sa Kawayan via Batang Polomolok‘s Facebook Post: