He said, she said: 22-year-old woman says it was Pacquiao who talked to her first

  • 22-year-old American Instagram star denied senator’s claim she started their chat
  • She said she was surprised he entered her live video feed, described it as unexpected
  • She also said boxer was the one who started their conversation

MANILA, Philippines – It was the Pacman who connected first.

22-year-old Arzaylea Rodriguez, the American Instagram star who managed to get Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s attention on social media, denied his claim that she was the one who talked to him first.

In a response to ABS-CBN’s video of the senator’s explanation, Rodriguez tweeted that she neither expected the boxer to join her live Instagram video nor initiated their conversation.

“He came into my instagram live very unexpectedly . i definitely didn’t engage in conversation with him first…” read her tweet.

In their conversation, Pacquiao had asked Rodriguez where she’s from. His message was instantly picked up by her followers and became viral.

Aside from Rodriguez, the senator had also chatted with another woman —sports blog host Maria Ciuffo— during her live video feed. His line “You can call me anytime” was also picked up and went viral.

Earlier, Pacquiao said he did not mean any malice when he contacted Rodriguez.

“Lahat naman puwedeng makipag-usap sa amin wala namang malisya doon [Everyone can talk to us, there’s no malice in that],” he said.

As for Ciuffo, Pacquiao said he told her to call him because she was in fact trying to schedule an interview with him for their vlog in New York.

“So I said call me anytime,” he explained; adding that he feels sorry for the people who are trying to put him down over a simple issue.

A self-confessed womanizer in the past, the senator claimed to have reformed himself after undergoing a spiritual renewal and becoming a pastor.