Jeepney offers free ride if you’ll sing, free WiFi onboard, and a CCTV that records ‘Hudas’ not pay

Image by Mar Fernandez' and Maria Andres' Facebook posts

Tired of commuting everyday?

Perhaps you’d enjoy traffic more if you’re aboard a public transpo like one jeepney traversing the Baclaran-Sucat route.

Imagine a PUJ that has CCTV cameras (you won’t dare not to pay), videoke (entitles you to a free ride if you sing), three push buttons, so you won’t have to shout when it’s your stop, plus free WiFi. Cool, right?

Well, there is actually a jeep that has all these high-tech entertainment and security features. Thanks to the Facebook post of netizen Mar Fernandez, we will have the chance to be amazed by this not-so-old-fashioned jeepney traversing the route of Baclaran-Sucat.

Someday, with the fast pace of the advancement in technology and with the ingenuity of the Filipinos, it won’t be impossible that riding a jeepney won’t be a hassle anymore, but it will be like riding a first class transport.

Kudos to the owner of this modernized “king of the road”!

It is not the first time that the high-tech jeepney has gone viral. On May 13, 2017, a netizen named Maria Andres shared her best jeepney ride experience. Is it the exact same jeepney? What do you think?