John Lloyd Cruz’s ‘kneeling on the confessional’ photo offends netizens

Image via John Lloyd Cruz's Instagram account

Kapamilya Actor John Lloyd Cruz in yet again another controversial social media exposure was flocked by netizens over photo posted on Instagram.

The photo he shared on his IG account earned mixed reactions from the public, where he’s seen kneeling on the confessional.

It is unclear though if it was really taken inside a church or just part of a scene in a set.

While others expressed their love and support for the actor, there were also some who ridiculed his act.

One commenter said: “Meron bng nagkukumpisal na nkangiti lasing ka pa ba loydie…? or it’s a joke.”  [Is there someone who confesses his sins while grinning? Are you still drunk Loydie…]

A lot of the commenters were offended, with one saying:“When you confess, Do it solemnly and really from your heart! So,remove your shades ? In respect to the priest so it looks REAL ? Unless, Ellen was inside hahah.”

Others also find it inappropriate to post such in public, as it was considered a holy and sacred spiritual act that is supposed to be done sincerely and wholeheartedly.

Anyway, the message there perhaps is that it’s only with God that he’ll explain anything, everything — ’cause he owes no one any explanation?


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