Kevin Durant literally “steps” on his haters in his latest kicks: Nike KD 10 Finals

Image by Nike

The recently released signature sneakers of Kevin Durant just proves that he does not easily forget criticisms and negative comments thrown at him. “Traitor”, “Bandwagon”, “Snake”, “Loser”, “Cheater”, “Cursed”, “Lame”, “Quitter”; those are just examples that were thrown at him by bashers, now imprinted on the sole of his new kicks.

In his shoes name “Nike KD 10 Finals”, written in blank ink are the degrading words which pertains to his abandoning Oklahoma City just to form a super team at Golden State.

However, on top of all those words, written in yellow marker are the phrases “Finals Most Valuable Player”, “2017 Champs” and his stats during the series against the Cavaliers which all served as his “mic drop” against all the haters.

The Nike KD 10 Finals as seen on the tweet is in colors blue and gold; the color of 2017 NBA champs, the Golden State warriors.

A lot of people became interested in his new kicks; saying it’s cool and awesom. It has even sold out when it was released online.