Kidnapped 15-year-old girl escapes captors by swimming across a lake after 29 days of sex abuse

Image from Alexandria Police Department
  • A teenager escaped her captors after 29 days by swimming across a lake
  • A farmer saw her and called 911
  • The three kidnappers were arrested

A teenage girl who had been missing for almost a month made a dramatic escape from her three captors by swimming across a 150-acre lake in Minnesota on Tuesday, September 5.

As per the NY Daily News, 15-year-old Jasmine Block, who was held captive and sexually assaulted by three men, escaped when, for the first time in 29 days, her abductors left her alone to get food. She ran to nearby properties to seek help and then she swam across a portion of the 150-acre lake.

A farmer saw her in the grassy fields behind his property. At first he thought he saw a deer, but when she walked towards him, he readily recognized her face.

The girl’s picture was plastered on missing person posters around the area for almost a month. The farmer asked her if she is the missing girl and she said yes. She asked him to call 911.

The girl and the farmer waited until the police arrived. All of a sudden, she saw a car belonging to one of the suspects passing by the farmer’s house. The suspect, identified as 20-year-old Steven Powers, was stopped and immediately arrested.

Soon after, his two cohorts, Thomas Barker, 32, and Joshua Holby, 31, were also arrested. All three were charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment.