Kris Aquino answers netizen who called his son “gay”

Image via Kris Aquino's Instagram account

In defense to a prejudiced comment towards son Bimby, Kris Aquino replied calmly by stressing out her points.

A netizen with the Instagram handle ‘@natalieeeee01’ commented on one of Kris’ IG posts saying: “And bimb is gay. At least he’s still young.”

The Queen of all Media then responded to the commenter and emphasized that she has no issue with sexual preference but was instead concerned with the latter making the decision for her son.

“If you have prejudices please express it elsewhere,” Kris added.

See the full post below:

Image via Kris Aquino’s Instagram account

Furthermore, this is not the first time that Kris Aquino has answered a not-so-kind commenter who also called her son “gay”.

In April this year, she ‘burned’ the basher by responding to him with class and full hilarity.

She stated that she was about to recompense, when she changed her mind after checking the guy’s IG account. She pitied the guy instead because he doesn’t have a ‘proper underwear’.

With all her generosity, she’s asking where she could send him some Bench gift certificates so he could buy some new undergarments.

Image via Kris Aquino’s Instagram account
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