Look: FB screenshots show alleged fundraising by Aegis Juris members

Image from Horacio Castillo III's Facebook account
  • Brods shown raising funds for jailed hazing suspect in FB groupchat
  • Members who left the groupchat chided, told they should not be afraid
  • They were also instructed to visit jailed brother and attend Senate investigation

MANILA, Philippines – A new set of screenshots showing the alleged attempts by Aegis Juris members to raise funds for jailed hazing suspect John Paul Solano has been disseminated online by the Facebook community page seeking justice for slain UST law freshman Horacio Castillo.

The alleged groupchat, which was shared by Hustisya Para Kay Horacio, shows members donating P10,000 each for “legal and operational funds” upon the appeal of a certain “D.G. Suyat IV”.

“For those newly added to this group, kindly heed to this call, thank you: Brods please disseminate to all alumni brods. CMT is assessing each alumni brods a minimum of Php 10,000.00 as legal and operational fund. Please deposit it at this account number. Please text brod Glen at this number (09055748333) including your name if deposit has been made. Glen Abellon BDO Account No. 4210-0341-10,” read his message.

Another participant in the chat, a certain “Kuyang Glentot”, could also be seen calling members who left the group chat “cowards”; saying they were supposed not to fear any repercussions since their fraternity is composed of lawyers.

“Mga duwag pala kayong umalis! ‘Di nga kayo nagpapakita at tumutulong, tinatakw niyo pa ang Aegis Juris Fraternity. E ano naman kung may lumabas na screenshot nito? Takot kayo? Dami nating abugado dito! Takot kayo makulong?” he said.

[Those who left are cowards! You’re not even showing yourselves or helping, yet you use the Aegis Juris Fraternity to your advantage. So what if a screenshot of our conversation comes out? Are you afraid? We have many lawyers here? Are you afraid of being jailed?]

Another member, a certain “Eric Fuentes”, can be seen urging his brethren to attend the Senate investigation and visit their jailed brother.

“Big brother requested all the Brods, especially the alumni, to show our support by attending the Senate investigation and visiting Brod Popoy,” he said.

The admin of the page has since informed followers that the album has been deleted because of reports to the social media platform.







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