Man in Key West wiped out as he films the massive waves amid Hurricane Irma

Images capture of video via Southernmost Webcam

Some people really have an innate thirst for adventure, and sometimes disregard the issue of safety!

After leaving behind a trail of disaster on the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma has now entered Florida territories. But instead of looking for a safer shelter to stay in as ordered by authorities, people have begun trying to be the “daredevil”, taking selfies and filming the massive waves!

Florida and Georgia authorities have encouraged six million people to leave their homes before the storm hits. However, US’s Southernmost Webcam reveals residents who blatantly paid no attention to directives to evacuate, as per a story shared by Daily Mail.

One man was even seen knocked over by a wave that smashed over the barrier. He stood atop the barrier to film the perfectly raging waters before getting knocked over by it and washed back onto the ground. Surprisingly, the man stood up, walked away, and acted as if nothing ever happened.

As of 5pm on Saturday, Hurricane Irma was just 115 miles southeast of Key West and had sustained winds of 125mph.

On a tweet, Friday, the Key West National Weather gave warning and said: “THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS’ ‘NOWHERE IN THE FLORIDA KEYS WILL BE SAFE. YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO EVACUATE.” 

Hurricane Irma was expected to be one of the strongest storms to make landfall in the Sunshine State, but despite this, some people are still trying to go on with their usual daily routines.

Kathleen Paca, while in Mac’s Club Deuce at Miami Beach, told the New York Post: “It’s not going to be that bad. I’m on the second floor and have impact windows. I’ve thrown coconuts at my windows and they don’t break.” 

Attorney Carl Roberts suggested to just constantly check for updates on the storm saying: “No. 1, I don’t have anywhere to go. Hurricane damage is primarily water rising. And I’m on the 17th floor. I have security shutters, so I should be quite safe here.” 

Governor Rick Scott announced on Saturday that roughly 76,000 people have been left without electricity because of the Category three hurricane.

Some people in Miami were seen walking outside in the middle of strong winds as Irma enters Florida. A number of people were also seen surfing in Miami, despite tragic death of professional surfer Alan Burke who died in Barbados while surfing amid Hurricane Irma.

Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long, warned residents in the Florida Keys who have been ignoring warnings: “You’re on your own until we can actually get in there, and it’s safe for our teams to support local and state efforts.” 

This was after some residents in the Keys insisted to stay and vowed to ride out the storm despite warnings that the decision may cost them their lives.

He told CNN: “The message has been clear – the Keys are going to be impacted, there is no safe area within the Keys, and you put your life in your own hands by not evacuating.”

Irma has claimed at least 24 lives after rampaging the Caribbean and the death toll will likely rise as recovery missions continue.

Watch the video footage here as shared by PhuKenh on Youtube: