Man takes selfies with serious face everyday for 9 1/2 years, but the most recent is the best!!

Image capture of video by Hugo Cornellier via Youtube

Amazing documentation!

Hugo Cornellier, a 21-year-old mechanical engineer from Montreal, has taken a selfie everyday since age 12 just for fun; to document how much he changes over time.

Three years ago, Hugo uploaded a video montage of his selfies which went viral. Last year, he uploaded one, too, but there’s a latest release which concludes with selfies that have a significant difference. The most recent photos were taken on his wedding day on 30 August, which happened in New Brunswick.

His face did change in a span of, according to him, 9.5 years. Different hairstyles, facial hair, a manlier face, but what’s most noticeable was he always had a straight-face expression. But on his wedding day, he finally smiled on his selfie!

Hugo said he manually stabilizes the photos as it’s the best way; in every shot, his face is at the same part of the frame. He commented on his video in Youtube that the total number of photos was over 2,500.

Image capture of comment via Hugo Cornellier’s YouTube upload

In an article by Mirror, Hugo said: “Part of why I’m doing this is because I know how crazy it will be for my kids to see when I’m older.”  

That’s for sure!

Watch Hugo Cornellier’s video via Youtube:

His 2014 upload: