Netizens furious over Pinay transgender’s sexy dancing, hand on genital while ‘Lupang Hinirang’ plays

Image by KBA via OFW Kalingawan Facebook Page

A transgender took the internet by storm when she decided to entertain her followers on Facebook with a ‘show’ that was described by countless enraged netizens as disgusting, disrespectful, lewd, and insane, among others.

On September 8, 2017, around 6:05 pm, Maria Sofia Love through her Facebook page Maria Sofia Sanchez went live. The self proclaimed London-based model have been uploading videos of herself while she struts the streets abroad, in her room, hilarious, entertaining.

However, she must have taken freedom to a different level and is now in hot water after dancing and singing the national anthem, but with movements like hands being placed on the genitals, instead of the chest. Yes, she performed this live until the last note of Lupang Hinirang.

Facebook Page OFW Kalingawan shared this with credits to Kevin Kun

OFW Kalingawan page – Click to read full post

Parts most related to the national anthem says:

Section 2: Reverence and respect shall at all times be accorded the flag, the anthem, and other national symbols which embody the national ideals and traditions and which express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity.

The anthem shall not be played and sung for mere recreation, amusement or entertainment purposes except on the following occasions:

  • International competitions where the Philippines is the host or has a representative;
  • Local competitions;
  • During the “signing off” and “signing on” of radio broadcasting and television stations;
  • Before the initial and last screening of films and before the opening of theater performances; and

Failure to observe the rules shall be a ground for administrative discipline.

Majority of the netizens roared through the comments section of various Facebook Pages. Most were mad, a few said it’s ok.

Even other members of the LGBT community disliked Sofia’s actions:

A netizen, probably a fan or follower of Maria Sofia told the bashers: “You should watch the entire video before you guys judge. She did it for fun. For her fans’ request. And this is what she gets for entertaining people.”

Another netizen, however, replied; saying that it’s too much, because what’s greatly disrespected was the national anthem.

Image capture of All About the Philippines‘ Facebook post

What do you think? Is it ok or is the act unforgivable?

Click the image to watch Maria Sofia’s version of ‘Lupang Hinirang’ as shared by Facebook page OFW Kalingawan:

Image by KBA via Kevin Kun’s Facebook post

In an article by Pinoy Trending, one of Maria Sofia’s friends, Andie Montilla released a statement:

“Lately I’ve been receiving numerous messages pertaining to the recent controversy involving our dearest friend and my mom Maria Sofia Sanchez, I believe it hoppened unintentionally, if you only knew how kind, sweet, affectionate and patriotic she is especially to our country, The Philippines, what happened last night was merely to bring pure entertainment without realizing the implications of her action, she has brought positive vibes to all our fellow countrymen all over the world since she became Maria Sofia Love so let’s not quickly judge her and condemn her for this wrong doing, and if in any reason she has crossed the boundaries, in behalf of all her concerned friends, we would like to extend our apology to everyone offended by it…let’s spread love not hate!”

For those who find Maria Sofia quite familiar and why she became popular, here’s an article by ABS CBN: Who is Maria Sofia Love and Why is she Trending?