[PHOTOS] Puberty hits man twice: From a young boy, to a lady boy, then to a real man

Images bu Arnie Quiambao via Puberty Hits Facebook page

It’s undeniably interesting to see how a person could totally transform into someone who’s completely different from the way he/she looks after going through the puberty stage.

Some people attain a total revamp of their physical attributes, while others, aside from the change on their outer appearance, make a sudden turn or change of heart.

A certain young man, named Arnie Quiambao, is currently making waves on the internet after photos of him surfaced on social media.

Puberty Hits, a Facebook page dedicated for netizens who wish to have their puberty stories shared, recently uploaded a series of photos of Arnie who shockingly transformed from a young boy to a lady boy, then to a real man.

Take a look at his jaw-dropping transformation here:

Puberty HitsBy Arnie Quiambao from the Philippines 😍💕💯From a young child to a ladyboy and become a real man 🙂Send is your Pubety Hits stories too#pubertyhits#transformation

Posted by Puberty Hits. on Friday, September 15, 2017

His photos earned mixed reactions from netizens. Some couldn’t believe how puberty could have hit him twice; saying at the least, he was able to try every possibility he has thought of becoming, and eventually realized what he really wants to be.

Moreover, others criticized his transformation as tiring because they got confused on what he really wants to become in life. However, there were those who commended him for standing up for himself and being able to decide at last on what he feels and thinks is the best he has ever done in his entire life —  and that is to finally obtain true happiness.