Pregnant woman jumps to death after allegedly denied caesarean operation

Image capture of video by CGTN

An intense debate is currently taking place in China after a pregnant woman who was about to give birth jumped from the fifth floor of a hospital in Yulin, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, purportedly after being refused a Caesarean operation despite intense pain.

Ma Rongrong, a 26-year-old woman, who was a week away from delivery, was admitted to the First Hospital of Yulin to give birth on Aug 30, the hospital said in a statement on Sunday (Sept 3).

Medical checks showed that the baby’s head was bigger than normal; suggesting higher risks during natural birth, the statement said.

The hospital claims to have advised Ma Rongrong to have caesarean operation but according to the hospital officials, the husband, to whom she had given power of attorney, did not agree and the doctors could not go against the decision of the husband.

The father, however, firmly denied the accusation. He said he accepted the procedure, but the doctor found it unnecessary.

There is no clear answer, but the incident has sparked a national discussion on everything — from the high cost of health care and patients’ rights to the dangers of traditional Chinese family values.

The conversation reached fever pitch this week after leaked security footage showing Ma on her knees in front of her family in a hospital corridor went viral.

“Why can’t the hospital carry out a C-section upon her request?” wrote one commenter on Weibo.

“Simply because her family does not agree? What kind of rule is this?”

Watch the video below: