Pregnant woman threatens to abort baby unless she gets 4,000 retweets

Image via @Saipanting's Twitter account

The life of one unborn child depends on the number of retweets a woman would get?

This may sound a bit strange, but yes, a young woman known on Twitter as Saipanting, is now making noise in Twittersphere; following her alleged pregnancy announcement with a threat to have an abortion if she fails to get her minimum requested retweets – 4K RTs.

Was she that undecided?

Her post goes: “4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won’t abort it.”

Well, many were quick to react.

Her scheme seems to work as many have reacted to her tweet – some believed in her – expressing their desires to reach out and comfort her.

R. Stanley retweeted “why? Ever think this happened for a reason? You’re already almost half way there. You can get help & there are adoption agencies.”

Things got even more complicated and puzzling when somebody who claimed to be the father of the baby interjected in expressing his great shock about the pregnancy.

And here’s probably how their relationship ended as conveyed by the guy in his retweet “You told everyone I died then you sold my dog for tickets to a Lil Pump concert.”

Another lady tried to make things – even messier.

Saipanting probably couldn’t make up her mind so she decided to go for some Twitter back up? Well, now she’s got to keep her pregnancy as she has gotten nearly three times her request — 10,700 plus retweets as of posting.

This does not eradicate the fact though that a certain young lady’s antics had used “pregnancy and abortion” to make herself popular on Twitter.