Pres Duterte to release Senator Trillanes’ bank deposits

Image capture of video by ABS-CBN via Youtube

President Rodrigo Duterte, during his speech at the 26th Mindanao Business Conference in Cagayan de Oro City on Saturday, said that he will soon expose bank deposits of Senator Antonio Trillanes .

On several occasions, Trillanes has made accusations against the president’s alleged hidden billion pesos in the bank, and the latter’s family’s engagement in illegal activities after he was called a ‘political ISIS’.

“I’m coming up with Trillanes’ bank deposits all over. Ngayon nakuha ko na, akala kasi niya hindi ko kaya. [Now, i have it, because he thought I can’t do it.] So I am giving you in a few days the number of deposits he has with Chinese joint accounts. It’s all over Hong Kong, Australia, America,” Duterte said.

According to Trillanes, Duterte’s claims are without factual basis, as per a news story shared by ABS-CBN.

“Hindi totoo iyan. Fake news iyan. Sinungaling iyan si Duterte,” he said. [It’s not true. It’s fake news. Duterte is a liar.]

“Hinahamon ko siya na ilabas niya iyong detalye at agaran ako pipirma ng waiver para malaman ang katotohanan.” [I am challenging him to give details and I would immediately sign the waiver to reveal the truth.]

Trillanes said during the campaign period that millions of pesos were funneled into Duterte’s 17 accounts in three banks, from 2006-2015.