Production of the iPhone 8 may suffer delays due to production glitches – Reports

Image via MacRumors

Apple Inc. has found production glitches on its new iPhone model that could lead to a delay in distribution, as disclosed on Thursday by the The Wall Street Journal.

The company will unveil its new smartphone model, which experts believe can be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X together with Apple iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, Apple Watch 3 and a new 4K Apple TV.

According to the Journal which cites sources familiar with these problems, in summer there were many failures in the manufacture of the new iPhone that generated a delay of about one month in the production calendar.

Those problems could lead to a shortage in the supply of the product, when it begins to be distributed later this month, and also delays in deliveries.

In an effort to recover time, production is accelerating a the Zhengzhou plant, which employs about 250,000 people.

iPhone 8 or iPhone X as it is being referred marks the 10th anniversary edition of the iconic device and it will see a new bezel-less display. Apple is ditching LCDS for OLED displays, which are also more power efficient and will get rid of the home button on the front. The iPhone 8’s new display is also more expensive at $120-$130 per unit, according to a report from Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo.