Robo-dog barks upon detecting smelly feet, then sprays air freshener

Image capture of video by Hana CF via Youtube, Pinterest

The issue of smelly feet appears to be a big deal in Japan; big enough to bring up the creation of a cute robot dog which functions as a “smelly feet detector.” The robo-dog was dubbed as “Hana-chan”, which is a play on the Japanese word “hana” for nose.

Researchers at Next Technology  also included an air freshener spray in Hana-chan as a quick response for fixing smelly feet.

According to an article by The Japan Times, Kimika Tsuji of Next Technology employee said Hana-chan was created in response to a request by one man made to their company.

Tsuji said: “His daughter had said his feet were smelly . . . But he didn’t want to know how bad the odor was because he would feel hurt, that’s why we developed this cute robot.”

Tsuji also mentioned that possessing a really foul body odor in their country may be considered a form of harassment.

Hana-chan is equipped with an odor detection sensor. After sniffing feet, the 15-centimeter Hana-chan will bark if it detects any foul odor. Hana-chan even humorously falls if it smells something very particularly offensive.

Image capture of video Hana CF via Youtube

In this sample video, Hana-chan is tethered to a cable. Soon, a wireless version will be made available, which could effectively roam the house to hunt foul odors.

Here’s a more recent update shared by TNC via YouTube:

Hana-chan is scheduled to go on sale by 2018, with a price tag of 100,000 yen (around P47,000).