Ruffa Gutierrez admits no financial support from ex-husband

Image by Ruffa Gutierrez via Instagram account

Ruffa Gutierrez got real in a question from the press about her ex-husband and their daughters. She admits that she doesn’t get any financial support from Yilmaz Bektas for their two daughters- Lorin, 14, and Venice, 13.

Ruffa shared in a press conference for her contract signing, as quoted by Pep, “I think that’s all he’s sent me from Istanbul… peanuts and maybe—maybe, I don’t even remember—2,000 dollars.”

The single mom said that she doesn’t waste time asking for financial support from him. She said that if Yilmaz really wants to give, he would have given without being asked. “Thank God that I have a lot of projects na I’m able to raise them on my own, so thank you for that,” she said.

“Because every time that we end up talking, it doesn’t end up in a good conversation, so might as well huwag na lang, ‘di ba?,” she further added. [So might as well we don’t talk anymore, right?]

Ruffa also candidly expressed that she would rather borrow money from her mother and brother Richard than ask Yilmaz for any money.

She also doesn’t ask permission from Yilmaz to allow their daughters to enter showbiz. “According to the court, I have sole custody of the kids, so I make decisions for them. I’m their mother and father,” she added.

Ruffa and Yilmaz got married in 2003 but eventually separated by 2007. She announced their annulment in 2013.

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Pep, Instagram