Sam Pinto shares beauty routine perfect for sun-loving women

Image via Sam Pinto's Instagram account

Model-actress Samuelle Lynne Acosta or also known as “Sam” Pinto recently revealed a new hobby she’s getting obsessed with: surfing.

As a beach and an outdoor-sport-loving woman, she needed to make sure she gets to protect her skin from the harsh heat of the sun.

There was a time she refused to apply sunblock when she went surfing. Her reason: Well, as stubborn as she said she used to be, she didn’t want to apply sunblock because she would often slip off her surfboard as it gets slippery.

“But now, I see why I need to use sunblock,” she said.

Dermatologists advise everyone to apply sunblock all over the body before going out into the sun. In addition to this Sam puts to mind the importance of a “skin moisturizer” since her favorite sport makes her skin dry.

She revealed she uses LaMe, a product branded in most reviews as one that “has the power to transform the skin, rejuvenating and renewing even the driest complexions”.

During the Dutdutan 17 event last September 1, Sam also told Pep (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that conditioner is a must for her.

“The good thing pag nasa ilalim ka ng sun at naka-highlight ‘yung hair mo, lalong nagla-light ‘yung hair,” she said as per a story shared by Pep.  [The good thing when you are under the sun and your hair has highlight is that the color becomes even lighter.]

But the bad thing is, “Sobrang nakaka-dry talaga ng hair,” she added. [It really dries the hair.]

Therefore, part of her beauty routine is to put coconut oil on her hair once a week.

Sam is back in the movies with “Pambansang Third Wheel”, starring Sam Milby and Yassi Pressman.

As to her role she said, “Ako ‘yung wife dito ni Sam Milby, hindi ako ‘yung third wheel.” [I play the role of Sam Milby’s wife, not the third wheel.]

When asked about her boyfriend of almost two years now, footballer Misagh Bahadoran, Sam said her “love life is good.”

She expressed that there are still a lot of things she wants to accomplish in life and that she has no plans on settling down just yet.

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