Teacher goes house-to-house to apologize to students he slapped in the face in class

Image capture of video via Shanghaiist

A middle school teacher in Anhui province in China surely learned his lesson after he was made to knock on students’ homes and apologize to each of them.

This happened after being caught in the act in a video last week slapping his students in the face in front of the class on the very first day of school.

The video, where the teacher is seen slapping one student after another beside his podium, as loud sounds of the slaps are heard all across the room on the students’ very first day of school after summer vacation, went viral on Chinese social media on Sunday.

According to Beijing News as disclosed in a story shared by Shanghaiist, the teacher had asked the students to recall some classical poetry and write them down afterwards. For every mistake, the kids were slapped in the face in front of the class.

A colleague at the middle school located in Hefei stated that the teacher takes his job and the students’ test results “too seriously”; resulting in the cruel punishment.

Contrary to initial reports stating there were only 20 kids who were slapped, it turned out that he had actually slapped 38 students in all. He has been made to apologize to each of them by personally going to their homes.

However, one Weibo user was not satisfied with this and said: “What’s the use of an apology? They should get to slap him back. What do you guys think?”

Due to disturbing footage, the clip has not been added here.

Click the image to watch the footage (Image capture of video by Shanghaiist)