Toddler forced to smoke and drink beer by teenage parents

Image capture of video by World News via YouTube

A disturbing video of a little girl who appears to be intoxicated, being encouraged by teenage parents to smoke a cigarette and drink beer, has emerged on social media.

The toddler is seen on the video swaying, and falling over as her mother rushes to catch her. Giggles could also be heard as they made fun of the situation.

Reports also suggest that the couple might have given the girl cannabis to smoke. But even if that was not the case, still, smoking around children already endangers them as they get to inhale the smoke, too.

As per a story shared by Mirror, the parents were arrested at their home home in Formosa in north-central Argentina after the video was shared online.

The mother and father, aged 17 and 18, claimed that the video was meant as a joke, and that they really didn’t give their child alcohol or cigarettes.

The Secretariat of the Ministry of Childhood and authorities of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office interceded; took the child away from the parents and gave her to the grandmother for temporary care.

As the mother is still a minor, she may be placed under the juvenile justice system. The girl’s current legal status and that of the father was not reported.

Netizens were quick to show disgust; with an online user even saying“Parents? They are not parents, anyone can have children but that does not make them parents.”

“Bad parent. Why did you give birth to her,” says another post; expressing  distaste on the matter.

World News shared a video of the disturbing incident on Youtube.

Click the image to watch the video shared by World News