Trending video: How Ellen Adarna treats her nannies

Images via Ellen Meriam Adarna's Facebook page

A video of actress Ellen Adarna showing how she treats her “yayas” (nannies) has been getting a lot of comments from people.

On YouTube, a compilation of Adarna’s video with her nannies has started getting a lot of views, and has reached the ninth place on the list of trending videos.

The compiled videos are captioned with “My yayas are thugs! Hahaha”; “Hahahhahah i kennot! Tume-teenager hahaha [Hahaha! I cannot handle this! She acts like a teenager!]”; and “Laklak pa! Hahahaha. Kaya pa ba? Mga senyora? Netflix and chill! My yayas give me life. Hahahaha [Drink some more! Hahahaha. Can you still handle it, señoras? Netflix and chill! My yayas give me life. Hahahaha].”

The video began as Adarna greets her followers; saying that she just woke up and found that her nannies have just arrived home from their night out.

“Good morning, guys. I just woke up and my yayas just got home from their night out,” she said, laughing.

The videos show how comfortable the actress is with her nannies, like they are all friends.

A lot of YouTubers commented on the video, praising Adarna for being a cool and kind boss.

“She is a good person. She treats her helper very good. Stay good, Ellen. Bless you,” wrote JS.

“Ellen is a good person, she may be a stubborn woman but her attitude is a thumbs up. Class doesn’t matter, she treats everyone equally,” commented SM.

“The one thing I really love most about Ellen is…she really shows who she is behind and in front of the camera. You just don’t have a pretty face but a genuine character also,” said JB.

As of posting, the video already has more than one million views, as of posting. Watch:

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