Ugandan Parliament in a brawl over debates on presidential age limit

Image Capture of Video by Kenya NTV via Youtube channel

The Ugandan Parliament has been in a heated debate for two days over the removal of a law imposing the presidential age limit to 75 years of age. On the second day, they finally let their knuckles talk as a brawl broke out between those who support and oppose the the removal of the law.

Under the Article 102 (b) of Uganda’s constitution, no one above 75 years of age is allowed to run for the presidential position. Several lawmakers oppose the removal of the law because it is seen as the current administration’s effort to cling to power. The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni is now 73 years old and has been in power for 31 years. If the law is scrapped, it will still allow Museveni to run again in the 2021 elections.

Emotions ran high as debates ensued. Opposition leaders staged a walk out as some of its members were dragged out by security officers. Violence broke out as leaders of both sides started threatening each other. They started manhandling and punching each other. There were punches, throwing of chairs and microphones, as per a story by All East Africa News Agency.

The House Speaker called for order but decided to just postpone the proceedings when it is impossible.

After the video of the brawl spread worldwide, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) decided to ban TV and radio coverage on the following proceedings.

You may watch the video coverage shared by Kenya NTV via Youtube channel: