Utah nurse arrested, forcibly handcuffed after refusing to draw blood from unconscious patient

Image capture of video by Shaun King via Facebook account

A Utah nurse was forcibly handcuffed and arrested by a US police officer after she refused to draw a blood sample from an unconscious patient.

A footage recently drew attention, showing a Utah nurse, Alex Wubbels, shouting for help as she was being dragged outside the hospital handcuffed.

A report on The Guardian indicates that Wubbels showed footage of her arrest at the University Of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. The incident occurred on July 26, but the video was only made public on Thursday at a news conference.

The footage revealed Wubbels dressed in blue medical scrubs, consulting her supervisor over the phone while presenting the printout of the hospital’s policy about sharing blood samples to test for alcohol or drugs to the waiting police officers.

According to Wubbels, they are only allowed to obtain blood samples form patients for police enforcement if the police could present an electronic warrant, has the patient’s consent or the patient is under arrest. In that case, the officers did not meet any of the criteria stated in the policy.

“I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do, that’s all,” Wubbels said. Thus, her hospital supervisor, tells the officers they are “making a huge mistake” in threatening a nurse.

The police officer who forcibly handcuffed her was identified as Detective Jeff Payne of the Salt Lake City Police Department. He is now placed on administrative leave and suspended from the department’s blood-draw unit.

The University of Utah issued a statement saying it supported Wubbels “and her decision to focus first and foremost on the care and well-being of her patient”.

Meanwhile, the Salt Lake City police chief and mayor have already apologized and changed department policies in line with Wubbels’ adherence to hospital guidelines in reference to the July 26 incident, as disclosed in a CBC News story.

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Longer video of the wrongful arrest of Nurse Alex Wubbels

Longer video of the wrongful, illegal arrest and assault of Nurse Alex Wubbels, a two time Olympian, by the shameful Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne, who did not lose his job.This brave nurse was following hospital policy to protect the rights of her patient. Policies state she cannot draw blood from an unconscious patient unless the patient is under arrest or police have an arrest warrant. Police had neither. Then this happened.

Posted by Shaun King on Friday, September 1, 2017