[Video] Is Coco Martin a stalker of Mariel de Leon?

Image via Coco Martin TM's Facebook page

Is actor Coco Martin a stalker of Miss International-Philippines Mariel de Leon, whom he chose to be his leading lady in the Panday remake?

On YouTube, PEP uploaded a video of an interview with Mariel, where she was asked about her upcoming movie with Coco.

The beauty queen admitted that at first, she wondered why she was the one chosen by the actor; considering that there are many other girls out there.

Bakit ako? Out of all the girls. Pero it’s a blessing. I shouldn’t question Coco’s choice. He knows what he’s doing and he knows what he wants. He was just saying he wanted a fresh face na new to the scene,” she said.

Asked if she thinks that having parents who have been in showbiz for so long was an edge, she answered: “I don’t think so kasi what he told me was he saw me sa Magandang Buhay. And before that, he’s been following me on Instagram.

The reporter then teased her: “Stalker mo pala si Coco!”

Mariel just laughed.

Watch the interview with Mariel de Leon here:

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