[VIDEOS] Kathryn Bernardo breaks down while shooting for ‘La Luna Sangre’! Daniel comes to the ‘rescue’

Image capture of video via Ericka Maanio's Instagram account

Fans are going “how-to-be-you-po, Kathryn?” over a viral video shared on Instagram by Ericka Maanio; a makeup artist for “La Luna Sangre.”

The behind-the-scenes video shows Kathryn Bernardo crying and Daniel Padilla comes to comfort her.

Ericka said Kathryn broke down while shooting an intense scene because she was scared of the explosion of the fake blood on her upper body. Daniel, being her “knight-in-shining-armor” then came to encourage and comfort her.

“GANITO kasweet c DANIEL PADILLA ky KATRYN BERNARDO… natagalan bago naconvince c kath sa gunshot effect sa scene n ito kc tlga pputok sa dibdib nya yung effect.. super ntatakot sya kya eto umiiyak sya bgo kuhaan sa takot and here comes mr. DJ to the rescue!! lumapit talaga para palakasin loob ng love nya!! my gossshhhh! kinilig tlga ako,” she wrote.

[This is how sweet Daniel Padilla is to Kathryn Bernardo. It took a while to convince Kath to do the gunshot effect scene that would really blast on her chest. She was really very scared that’s why she was crying before the take and here comes DJ to the rescue! He really came near to encourage his lady love!]

In the second video Kathryn conquers her fears by successfully finishing the scene.

“video2 the succesful take!!! ito ung continuation s mga nagttanong if natuloy ung gunshot scene.. as you can see she was scared sa first video but DJ came to the rescue. nkktakot nman tlga but she went on!! kinaya nya for the viewers!! takot sya sa jan pero sa bangin hnd sya takot guys! isang dipa lng layo nya sa bangin jan.. no harness,” the makeup artist explained.

[video2 the successful take! This is the continuation for those who were asking if the gunshot scene was pursued… As you can see she was scared in the first video but DJ came to the rescue. Well, it was really very scary but she went on anyway. She did it for the viewers! She was scared there, but I tell you, she’s not scared of the cliff. She was just a meter away from the cliff there. No harness.]

A lot of people were touched by what Daniel did for Kathryn and could not help but admire them even more. Here are some of their reactions:

“That’s KathNiel everyone… Indi Kath or Daniel lang… Indi mabubuo ang KathNiel qng wala ang isa. Love you both” [That’s KathNiel everyone… Not Kath nor Daniel alone… KathNiel wouldn’t be KathNiel without the other one. Love you both.”)

“Its a heart melting scene sobrang nkk inspire silang 2 true love.” [It’s a heart-melting scene. The two of them are so inspiring; true love.]

“Mas lalong sumaludo ako sa KN ksi napaka genuine nila! They really support each other in times like this..Lahat ng paghihirap mo Kath are all worth it! Kc mas lalo mo kaming pinahanga at pinabilib sa talento mo at dedication sa craft mo..u and DJ deserved all the blessings coz u worked hard for it!” [I look up to them even more for being genuine. They really support each other in times like this. All of your hardships are all worth it! Because you amaze us and made us admire you more with your talent and dedication to your craft. You and DJ deserved all the blessings ‘cause you worked hard for it!]

Scenes are getting more and more intense and exciting as Malia’s true power is revealed in the following episodes.