Viva Hot Babes, comedians perform at Pro-Duterte rally

Image capture of video Tweet by Marlly Bondoc

At the pro-Duterte rally held at the Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila on Thursday, the “Viva Hot Babes” along with some comedians entertained the masses.

Whether it was a ‘come on’ to lure the masses to join or simply the participants’ own choice of affiliation to show support becomes immaterial. They were there; that’s it!

Katya Santos led the other Viva Hot Babes members in performing their hit song “Basketbol” for the crowd.

In the video Tweeted by GMA News’ Marlly Bondoc, three men can be seen on the stage dancing  behind the pretty ladies.

Movie And Television Review And Classification Board (MTRCB) board member Dennis Padilla also performed a standup routine with another comedian Gary Lim.

Rallyists went to Quiapo to show support for President Rodrigo Duterte who declared a National Day of Protest on the 45th anniversary of the Martial Law declaration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Meanwhile, various groups launched protest rallies  – which all ended peacefully in Metro Manila and other parts of the country – against Duterte’s war against illegal drugs, extrajudicial killings and the military rule in Mindanao.


Source :

GMA News, Twitter