What a scene: That lady planting rice is Coleen!

Image by Coleen Garcia's Instagram post

Pinay commercial model and actress Coleen Garcia tried planting rice in Bulacan, at the beautiful town of Pulilan, and by the looks of it, she had lots of fun!

In an Instagram post, the actress was caught on camera wearing a farmer’s outfit while in a watery rice paddy, but what gave the perfect mood for the view was her genuine captivating smiles. Looking like a typical farmer, there she goes with both hands busy as she holds seedlings.

Her photo was captioned: “Magtanim ay di biro, maghapong nakayuko.... unless them squats are on point (Infer, hindi na masakit sa likod! Try niyo)”

Image by Coleen Garcia via Instagram profile

Now we’re left wondering. Is that for a new commercial?