17 public school teachers victimized by ‘lending business’ scam

Image capture of video by GMA News viaYouTube

17 public school teachers in Iriga, Camarines Sur were greatly disappointed after the woman who promised to use their money for good investment disappeared.

The suspect, Michelle Tan Fenis, promised 10% interest per month to her victims in a ‘lending business’ scam.

Among the victims are 17 teachers who were lured by Fenis because at first, she was able to give the 10% monthly interest.

The sum of the victims’ money even reached millions of Philippine pesos. The victims were happy at first, witnessing and experiencing the return of investment, but were so dismayed when Fenis stopped sending money.

The victims slapped Fenis with estafa charges. She attended the first hearings at the court but was a no-show afterwards.

The victims are now begging the accused to submit herself to the law and be responsible for the bad things that she committed.

The victims also advised those who plan to join lending businesses and networking to think twice and check the legitimacy of the company before releasing their hard-earned cash to avoid getting scammed.

Watch this video shared by GMA News via YouTube for more details:

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