3D-painted pedestrian crossing in Iceland slows down speeding motorists

Image by Gústi Productions, Vegmálun GÍH via Bored Panda

By way of a cleverly-detailed optical illusion, to ‘drive some sense’ into speeding motorists, a new pedestrian crossing has been painted that appears to be 3D in the narrow residential streets of fishing town Ísafjörður, Iceland.

Speeding drivers will surely slow down their speed once they spot the seemingly floating ‘zebra stripes.’

Icelandic environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla called for its placement in the town with the help of Gautur Ívar Halldórsson, manager of the road painting company Vegmálun GÍH. Halldórsson told the local news site Vísir that the idea was borrowed from the Indian capital of New Delhi, India.

The Ísafjörður municipal council would decide if the 3D crosswalks will become more common once the experiment proves successful.

Meanwhile, the 3D stripes became a popular selfie spot among locals and tourists as the innovative design gives photo-viewers an illusion that pedestrians are walking on air.

Watch this video shared by Straightful via YouTube: