6-footer PO1 arrested for punching PWD, cocking his gun according to complainant

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube, courtesy of Laoag City PNP

There are good cops and there are bad cops. And there are cops who need more mental evaluation than some disabled people.

A Police officer on vacation at Laoag City was arrested after he punched a person with disability (PWD) during the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

According to Ferviemor Gaño, the complainant,  PO1 Rexy Manuel of Quezon City Police District Station Drug Enforcement Agency Unit also cocked his gun.

The commotion was all about a misunderstanding between the group of the complainant and Manuel’s group.

When they were about to go home after watching a live band at a bar, Gaño’s cousin called for their friend who was still inside.

PO1 Manuel’s friend confronted them, who mistakenly thought Gaño’s group were calling out to them.

This friend went back inside the bar, and after a short while returned with PO1 Manuel — who immediately punched Gaño at the left side of his head for no apparent reason nor any explanation.

Manuel is now detained at Laoag City Police Station.

He will face a physical injury case. However, investigations are on-going to determine if Manuel did cock his gun in front of the victims.

According to the mugshots courtesy of Laoag City PNP, PO1 Manuel is more than 6-foot-tall.

Watch this video shared by GMA News via YouTube: