6-month-old flower girl falls asleep during wedding procession

Images by Amber Morman

Funny wedding moments seem to happen in almost every wedding. What makes these moments hilarious and memorable is because these are usually unexpected and aren’t supposed to be happening.

A 6-month-old flower girl named Rugbie seemed to have felt very exhausted to join in the wedding procession. She already fell asleep even before walking down the aisle with the bride, as per a story shared by Yahoo.

The father captured the moment when his little daughter was sleeping deeply with her mouth open wide while being safely strapped on a wagon down the aisle. He shared the photo on Reddit with the caption: “My daughter was supposed to be a flower girl in her aunt’s wedding but napping is life. (She is safely strapped in).”

Rugbie’s mom then thought of pulling her dear daughter up to the end of the aisle riding on a wagon while fast asleep. The adorable flower girl was wearing a white frilly dress and a matching headband with the white flowers placed in front of her on the wagon. Surprisingly, as soon as she reached the end of the aisle, Rugbie woke up and was ready to go!

The bride and groom thought it was so funny and amusing; making everyone in the crowd chuckle.

Shout out to all future brides and grooms-to-be. You have to remember though that when you have small kids included in your wedding ceremony, you got to be prepared for anything!