Adarna dispels pregnancy speculations following Jay Sonza’s social media post: “We’re not related”

Images by Ellen Adarna via Instagram account

Netizens couldn’t help but talk again about the controversial couple, Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz, after Jay Sonza posted on his Facebook an update that seems to allude to the two celebrities.

Well, sorry to disappoint followers of the two celebs, but Adarna already spoke up and dispelled the rumors that she is the niece in the posted convo by Sonza.

In a chat conversation with Pep via Messenger, Adarna reportedly clarified that she and Jay Sonza are “definitely not related”. Hence, she is not the “Elena” that Sonza is referring to in the posted chat — which indirectly shows that because she is not the “niece” in the conversation, it follows that she is not the one who’s pregnant and engaged.

The speculations came after Jay Sonza’s Facebook account was bombarded with reactions from Ellen and John Lloyd’s fans after he posted an update that seems to allude to the couple. Jay posted a conversation he had with his “favorite niece.” Jay started with “HINDI ITO BREAKING NEWS!”

Jay continued to share that this certain “niece” who is abroad chatted with him to share some “good news.”

After a few pleasantries, niece told Jay “heto, malapit ka nang maging lolo.” [You are going to be a grandfather soon.] The conversation continued until his niece went on to share that she is with her “love” and that they are even happier now. She said, “nagpropose na kasi siya. Yehey! I’m very happy.”  But Jay in jest complained that his niece hung up on him and said, “Hoy Elena, hoy, bakit ‘di ka sumasagot?”  [Hey Elena, why are you not answering?]

Meanwhile, Adarna is currently traveling in Europe with her rumored boyfriend Cruz who’s on indefinite leave of absence as per a statement by ABS CBN.

Adarna calling Cruz as her “blogger jowa” has also made the rounds on social media.

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You can view the rest of Jay Sonza’s post in his Facebook page.